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Here are a few pictures of some outings on Pat Mayse Lake
Allen with a 12lb Black Bass he
caught on 7/4/04
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Bill Martichuski holding a few he caught
while out with Allen on 6/11/04
Kelvin Teekasingh with one of
many that he caught on 7/3/04
Lat Nichols with a trophy hybrid striper
he caught while on a outing with Allen
Dan Frazier with a few he caught on 7/11/04
Thanks Allen ,
This is the photo from our last C.A.S.T. tournament. As you can see, we did quite well on the Lake Fork jigs that you suggested and the fish were in the exact area that you recommended.

Other than one 3 pound fish that came early on a buzz bait, every keeper fish we caught came on the 3/8ths ounce Lake Fork Mega Jig in the watermelon color. We ended up culling through 3 limits of fish in these jigs.

We started out with 4 of these jigs. Two were torn up by the fish and we lost the other two on snags in deep water. After we used up all four and had to go to other jigs and baits, we did not catch another fish.

Thanks for the assistance, you really helped us out and played a key role in our win.

Scott Callaway
General Manager Engineering

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